Funds raised will support QUEEROCRACY and our work in fighting to end the AIDS crisis, developing queer leadership within youth and elderly communities (and everywhere in-between), educating on safe(r) queer sex, eradicating stigma among the most vulnerable of us and much more...


Commit to fundraising on behalf of the challenge throughout a 2 month period with something creative that makes sense for you and your space, or using one or more of our pre-packaged suggestions:

  • Donate a drink special - Donate all or partial proceeds from a particular drink or drink special to the challenge for one night or many throughout the duration of the challenge.
  • Dedicate a night (or several) to the challenge - Donate partial bar earnings, collect and donate a cover charge (if you don’t normally) or donate a portion of an existing cover charge to the challenge.
  • Attach a theme to an evening- Tell customers that for every person who wears purple (or whatever color you fancy) and buys a drink on Wednesday nights during the duration of the challenge, $1 will be donated to the challenge.
  • (You are welcomed and encouraged to get creative. Have a dance-off, organize a raffle, host karaoke, hold a competition, or simply turn a regular special event at your bar into a benefit night for the challenge. You are not limited to any of our suggestions. We just want to help make your lives easier.)


    Support and guidance from QUEEROCRACY staff & members in your efforts (if you want it). Promotion of your challenge-related event(s) through QUEEROCRACY’s website & social media. Attendence from one or more QUEEROCRACY members at a challenge-related event at your establishment/party.

    • 2 QUEEROCRACY t-shirts for bartenders/staff to wear.
    • Promotional materials (laminated signs designed and produced by QUEEROCRACY promoting your efforts).
    • Press coverage for participating in the challenge.
    • Free tickets for the Annual QROC Awards Benefit for 3 representatives to be recognized for having participated in this challenge, and for one establishment/party, to also receive the Building Community through Nightlife Award.
    • Additional press from the awards ceremony.
    • The satisfaction of knowing you’ve done even more to support the community when the community asked for your support.



    To sign on, get your materials and get started contact us or sign up using the form below!

    Cassidy Gardner | 603-381-0808

    Megan Mulholland | 917-825-6342

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